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Am I receiving a quality iPhone 5/5C/5S Screen Replacement

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iPhone 5 Series Screen Replacement

Are you getting what you pay for when it comes to iPhone 5 Screen Repairs?  Most consumers are not familiar with various options / processes that are used for iPhone 5 Screen repairs.  

Replacement Screen Option (New Assembly):

Some companies buy replacement screens from various suppliers.  Some of those suppliers are outstanding ... some of those suppliers are in and out, changing names of their companies, coming back under a different name.  Most shop owners go with the cheapest price parts, other shops go with the best quality parts. 

Zfixit only installs NEW Screen assemblies, very high quality, Retina Display, assembled in a factory, never refurbished in a shop.  All of our screens come with a 15 month warranty against defects; covers glass from popping up, covers touch response and LCD issues.  We give the benefit to the customer if we cannot determine if the issue was caused by damage or if it is a part defect, customer wins unless obvious signs of damage exist (Physical trauma or moisture exposure)

Refurbishing of Screen (New Glass onto your original Assembly)

Other shops refurbish the old screen and install a new glass front, keeping your old original digitizer (touch) and LCD display.  Those shops that refurbish your old screen will often charge more if your LCD is damaged during the refurbishing process.  In those instances where the shop damages the LCD when they try to refurbish, they will increase the cost of the repair since they no longer can use your original LCD that they damaged.  Refurbishing is an art form and usually is never done right.  I say usually but there are some shops that take pride in their work, but some leave something to complain about.  The most common piece that is never right ... is the adhesive used to bond the new glass to the plastic frame, it usually comes apart after a few weeks, allowing your glass to "pop" up at various locations.  Other times, the shop uses LOCA method (not correct for iPhone screens) and the uncured LOCA seeps into cables.  Over time, that LOCA hardens, gluing the various cables together, causing issues with your LCD as the cables become damaged due to small vibrations, the coating on these cables rips off the connections causing it short.  OCA is the right way, no seepage of liquid adhesive.  LOCA is good for android screens as their flex cables are coated with a hard plastic that requires intense heat before the plastic coating is removed, not the case for Apple flex cables coming from the LCD and digitizer connection; just a small scratch exposes the copper traces underneath them and or copper shield. (Picture will posted soon)

How can you tell if you are getting a Quality Repair?

  • If a shop is confident in their repair process and quality assurance, they should warranty their part for as long as they are confident in the repair. Avoid shops that warranty the part / work for 30 days or less, you are asking for trouble. You get what you pay for!  Ask about their screens, what is their process and avoid those that use LOCA on iPhone screens, I have seen the issues that LOCA causes on the iPhone screens over time.  
  • Ask what their warranty covers, if you do not hear that the warranty covers the screen from popping up, make sure they agree and get the warranty in writing, do not take, "I got you covered", Better Business Bureau will ask for backup such as a written warranty if you ever have to open a case against the shop. Credit card companies will also want proof, warranty and pictures of the issue.
  • Does the screen have a retina display if they replace the LCD?  Are black colors really black or just a darker grey? Does the screen flicker?  When you open an App, do you see "ghosting", usually the sides of the icons on screen look like light is emitting or reflecting off the App icons, very obvious.  Ensure you receive a perfect screen replacement, otherwise, ask for discount or refund if less than expected and less than what they described/promised.

Spend you money wisely, shop around, the Best Deal is not the Best Repair, look at warranty coverage and reviews.

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