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Does my iPhone need a new Battery?


Do I need a New battery on my iPhone?

Under normal working conditions, an iPhone battery can last 4-5 years and over on average, some may last 10 years or more. Each battery only has a certain number of cycles that it can recharge, even if just a partial charge, still counts as a cycle. They will eventually give out. Charging it up just 10-20 percent is not always the best practice but we all have our habits. The best practice is to charge when it needs to be charged but to not let it die out completely (Bad). This of course leads to "wall-hugging" syndrome.

What are the symptoms of a bad iPhone Battery?

The most common is when battery that will not last longer than a few hours, has a fast drain, etc. There are other symptoms but sometimes, it is not the result of a bad battery, see below:

  • fast drain of battery power
  • sudden drop from previous battery power remaining just from a few minutes use
  • back of phone is "warm" to the touch or maybe even hot
  • you notice pressure spots on LCD where there were none before.  There is bulging in the back or maybe the front panel is popping up slightly (The battery is increasing in girth and is placing outward pressure as it expands)
  • The iPhone no longer charges, stays stuck at the charging symbol
  • The iPhone does not even bother to go the charging symbol, just dead to the world.

What ever sysmptons you are experiencing, let us have a look and we will pinpoint the issue. All repairs come with a 15 month warranty against defects.

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