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SSD Cloning produces errors with Turbo Tax and other Software


Issues with existing Software when Cloning to an SSD

One of the common issues when cloning to an SSD device or any other drive is that the pre-existing software package is tied to the old serial number assigned to the drive by Windows when it was initially installed.  When you clone an old drive to a new drive, the new SSD partition is assigned a new serial number. 

If you have issues with software after cloning your drive, clone the serial number from the old drive to the new drive.  It is only a serial number assigned by Windows. It is not the actual serial number that is assigned to the hardware by the manufacturer, just the software serial number that may be relied upon by some software packages.  Intuits software is one such package.  If the serial number for the drive/partition is different, it will not load and you will get errors until the original serial number matches.

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