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Why Do Samsung S3 and S4 Power Buttons Fail?

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Why do Samsung S3 and S4 Power Buttons Fail?

There are a few possible reasons. The main reason is a faulty, worn out switch.  On occasion, another reason is moisture exposure. 

What really is the main cause of failure?  Of all the switches we have replaced, majority are a worn out power button switch ... the part just gives out.  It is not so much a faulty switch as it performs many, many cycles before it eventually gives out.  If you are at the receiving end of a worn switch, then it is a faulty part to you.  Parts generally do not last forever if it has a moving part and this switch is a moving part.  You press down and a spring pushes it back out.  

The contacts inside the switch just get stuck over time, essentially causing the logic board to think the switch is still depressed.  

What are the symptoms of a failing Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4 Power Button?

Some common ones:

  • Samsung Phone seems to restart right after you see the Samsung Logo
  • Samsung Galaxy Series Phone screen locks on its own or unlocks on its own
  • Samsung Series Phone reboots for no reason, power button was never touched
  • Samsung Series Power Button is extremely sensitive, just the slightest touch unlocks or locks the screen
  • The final symptom after you may have experienced the above issues for a period of time is that the phone does not start at all (Rare)


Buttons that no longer work are a result of metal contacts/plate having a buildup of corrosion or the metal plate contact separates from one side of the button and stays in contact with the other end.

Can a Samsung Lock Button be Repaired?

Absolutely yes, they are generally easy to remove and replace with a new switch.  The part is soldered on so when I say easy, I mean easy for someone familiar with the process and someone who has the proper soldering equipment.  The repair takes about 20 minutes per device.  

Please visit the following link to get an S3 Power Button repaired: 

Samsung S3 Repair zfixit.com

Please visit the following link to get an S4 Power Button repaired:

S4 Power Button Repair at zfixit.com

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