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No Hassle Warranty Explanation

Our No Hassle Warranty Explanation

We will provide the BEST service, will diagnose the issue to the best of our abilities ... and our abilities are beyond the other corporate run shops.  If we fail to diagnose the cause of your issues, then there will be no charge for that service unless otherwise stated (Diagnosise Service)

If we indicate a repair as being needed and it still does not fix the issue, then no charge to you, unless part cost is agreed upon before repair, will be discussed before hand.  There are at times when there is no way to tell if a certain part will fix the issue.  These particular circumstances are normally soldered parts and will be discussed before hand.  Most parts other than soldered parts are free of charges since we can remove that part unless diagnosis fee is agreed upon before hand.  A soldered part cannot be removed once it is soldered in place.  

What if I have a Potential Warranty Request?

If you have a warranty issue, give us a call at 210-816-2108, if no answer, please leave a message with your name and invoice number and issue. If you do not have a receipt, we can look up by name, serial number or IMEI number.  All repairs carry a 15 month warranty against defects.  If the part fails and there is no physical trauma and or moisture exposure, the part is covered, we will re-fix free of any additional charges.  

Unlike other repair shops, We only want your money if we earn it!

What is the No Hassle Warranty?

The no hassle warranty is ... basically, as long as the installed part is not damaged, we will replace free of any additional charges.  Other shops will tell you that the damage is caused by you.  The only way to damage a part is by moisture exposure or by physical trauma.  The screen repair is obvious if there is physical truama/damage, the charging port damage is also a dead give away if pins are out of alignment/damaged ... but a battery replacement that you paid for and then that battery goes bad after 4 months is not end user damage, it is a faulty part.

Other shops will not honor a warranty since they only have a 30 day - 90 day warranty.  Here at zfixit.com, we have a 15 month Warranty against defects!

This is how we operate, we are NOT interested in stealing your money.  For local walk-in Repairs, we ask that you pay after the repair is successful ... not pay before the repair!  Online purchases, unfortunately, you must pay to ship in, if we cannot repair it, then refund minus quoted return shipping is provided.


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